Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life based on perceptions

Perception makes the difference.The angle in which we see:Many incidents that occur in our life, day to day, will appear as you see them. Mostly, unless we are seasoned with highlever spiritual guidance and practice, we see every incident in our way, read the meaning from our mental dictionary, apply colors from our pallette. So, we can not understand why some thing has happend to us and we start treating it as a problem and we go on feeling mental agony.

Financial problems-causes

Always finance is problem. day after day, year after year i am going into debts.. without fail going into deeper debts.I assign this too to my horoscope. Otherwise, there is no good reason to fail in every effort to become big.. failed in us assignment to settle there, failed in dubai assignment, got cheated in malaysian asignment, new zealand assignment, green card opportunity, shares, job, education, and now also tailing in this google adsense business. But i have strong belief, confidence that i would and i should succeed in this last attampt to free myself from finance and obtain financial independence so that i proceed towards real independence as per scriptures and bhagawad geetha.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

God's Perspect

Think about the super God's angle.. i dont know how it looks, but it may look as a meaningless passing cloud.So, i think, it is waste of life to think about any happened incident and hope it should have happend otherway. Take it as it is and look at it just as it is.. This is told by gurus too.Any guru from any relegion, sect professed this only.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

looking from other side..

When your dearest person does something, that pained you in a way. You have lots of thoughts questioning why he did like that. More than that, your ego instigates you to retaliate his action and keeping him away from you.
But if you see the same act from his or her side, it may appear differently..From third person angle it may be a smallest triavial matter.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Myth and Truth

This may be called unreal or myth or midhya.Then what is truth? The name of god, the form of god, the mantra which i was doing from my birth are not changing. They are without even an iota of change. So they can be truth. My sleep , my hunger were also with me all through my life but there changes observed in size and quantity. The best thing is to associate each and every incident , meeting of every person, losing of some thing, gaining of another thing with the name of Lord. Though you do not if your prayer reaching Him or not, if he is interested in you are not, His name is in your hands and it is bound to help you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cause for Worries

But, all through the limited life span, my energy is spent away in worrying about the passing events, emotions , days and years. I found that the days i spent gloomy, depressed, worried has nothing to do with me who is in present day. Ofcourse happy days happy moments are ok, because our real self is happiness. so, why i should worry about the people whom i met, with whom i work, the events, incidents i see? But can i neglect them and go ahead? at every point your interaction, your response is required. So, at the most just act as if involved in all these but never care for these because each and every incident, event, person would become a history by tommorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Events: past and futrue

oflate, i found a peculiar , interesting thought flashing in my mind. day after day , year after year is passing. each day is filled with events, persons, objects and feelings. All these together create ripples in mind. The past days or events, or emotions has nothing to do with me in this present. likewise, the future events.